Monday, July 28, 2008

The toy story 3-d plot for 2010

Woody the pixar animated 3 dimensional goofy cowboy and his toy-box disney pixar toy story 3 friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, leaves for college.” So as we can see the new plot for the upcoming toy story 3 will be at a day care. but aint that boy to old for a movie to be at a daycare. i know its a kid cartoon movie, or better yet a toy story 3 dimensional film that hits theaters in 2010. But who really wants to see a movie of toy story in a day care.

Lee Unkrich, who has been co-director on Toy Story 2 but not in the original toystory which i feel was the better of the two. because i love cartoon movies especially the cartoon movies that pixar makes. like, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo, and that real wacky and crazy all out fun cheap b list dvd CARS the movie. they stepped up to direct the third film in the toy story series, which will noe b in 3D. Michael Arndt, the Academy Award nominated screen writer, who i believe show work for the cartoon network or nickoldean because blues clues carton could use alot of helpwith writing.,toy story 3D screenplay.

Before the Disney/Pixar merger, the mouse house which housed mickey mouse and other disney characters and cast mates was hard at work on a third Toy Story film without Pixar’s involvement. Thats because disney and pixar knew they would be splitting and going there seperate ways. Disney’s movie trailer idea involved a recall of Buzz Lightyear toys, which includes Andy’s doll, which results in the Toys going on an adventure to Taiwan to rescue Buzz, who has been malfunctioning. John Lasseter and company were very unhappy with the idea, and didn’t approve.They said this is a weird script for a movie and most filmgoers would not come to see it. and pixar was already working hard to beat the toy story 3 release date. so im sorry if you think pixar had a chance with beating disney for this toy story 3 movie sorry you were out of luck just go find out what is the toy story 3 release date.

The new plot line sounds interesting, i mean bear in mind the movie is coming out in # dimensional, so maybe a 3d movie will help pixar. but am I the only one who liked the toy story preview for Disney’s held back story? (Note: I heard the actual treatment of toy story 3 was not good at all 2 thumbs down, but the idea itself sounds like 3d theaters will boost up the 3-d film market). Either way I love pixR MOVIES

Disney will be rereleasing new UPDATED VERISIONS of the original Disney Digital 3-D versions of Toy Story on October 2nd, 2009, andthen the poor quality Toy Story 2 on February 12th, 2010 which is basically a toy story 3 preview in 3-d. Toy Story 3 is being produced as a 3-D movie, and will hit theaters on June 18th, 2010. so be prepared for this, make sure you check back to get the most up to date toy story 3 posters and toy story 3 film, and even cheap toy story 3 3d movie tickets from your nearest theater.