Sunday, August 3, 2008

toy story 3 movie film posters

posters, posters, posters, this is what you have came to this blog for mainly toy story 3 posters and as you can see if you look around we have some links for some of the best toy story 3 posters. I know that toy story 3 is going to be in 3d so its going to be one of the highest grossing movies ever and everybody is so happy about recieving some toy story 3 merchandise. little grils want toy story three shirts and the little boys want toy story 3 buzz light year posters to hang up on their walls. I think the toy story 3 moviw will be great and it is great. how many people remember being a little kid and posting great big disney posters on your wall. yeah we all had those time.

well why dont you get your kids, or your relatives a toy story 3 poster i mean you have to realize that this is maybe one of the biggest 3 dimensional movies to hit the big screen in a long time. so why not try to capture some of this very special and great effects having movei. get you kids a toy story poster. i know we have been going through rough times with the rising gas costs and other things of that nature but i think to have a toy story 3 poster would really help ease your sitaution. the reason i say that is because before this great cartoon movie comes out everybody will feel bad....but then when it actually hits the stage then everybody will be scrambling for toy story tickets, and then little kids will be rambling about toy story 3 posters. maybe this is because you have the great pixar characters and they want to hang them on their wall with the other disney characters. You have woody, the fat pig, buzz light year, etch and sketch, bo peep, the slinky dog, and all of the other cool disney pixar characters returning for another. show film, so why wouldnt people be going crazy for toy story 3 posters, they are extremely popular and fun to look at so give them a try you need to look for a pixar poster.

Disney posters are great you know because they come with cool cast mates and different characters and who wouldnt love to have raven simone from thats so raven on their wall. i mean pixar ahs some cool charactes to becasue finding nemo was awesome, but it wasnt as good as those other pixar or disney films to me some people said those films were the best but i dont think so.

all i know is that toy story will be huge so you need to run and purchase your toy story 3 poster today...

Pixar and Disney start Secret Toy Story 3 group Circle 7

I know you guys have heard about that special group that disney made for toy story 3 3d when they cut pixar from the filming of the new toy story 3d movie. i havent heard much really i dont know anything for sure this is just what i heard about the toy story movie so you might want to go double check some where else now. but i did hear that disney started a special secret agent and writers group called CIRCLE 7. Now that should be cool im talking about you have special good ass writers just to write the new toy story 3 film in 3d without pixar. now thats bad ass.

those disney fools must be really thirsty to get a number one hit blockbuster with toy story 3 in 3d. i mean come on you already have all the original cast memebers from the original toy story return. but then you have like toy story 3 and toy story 2 and toy story the original untold story being written by circle 7 the michael eisner secret writers group for toy story 3. i wonder did michael eisner feel stupid when he left disney or did he feel good like he knew he did something good overseeing the making of toy story 2. i dont think circle 7 will be revealed when it comes time to show the making of toy story 3. like the 3d behind the scenes for the toy story 3 dimensional film.

All i know is that im salty that michael eisner and disney couldnt have come out with circle 7 alot early because that wouldve made alof o other disney characters look so good like the movie cars which couldve been better but it was kind of corney because who just makes a pixar movie called cars and then slap disneys name on the bottom of it thats stupid. i think that circle 7 from disney should be revealed. like i want to see some deleated scenes on the new toy story 3 that shows who is circle 7 from disney. oops i meant to say some deleted scences from toy story 3 but its ok. either way is good. but as long as we all know there is a circle 7 working for disney and im sure pixar does not like this.

you have so many toy story 3 movies and so many disney and pixar movies that do excellent that pixar said that when they are bought out by disney they will no doubt try to get circle 7 out and throw away their script so that they can get back on the toy story 3 3d script and start writing. toy story 3 3d circle 7 from disney will really have to work hard to keep pixar out.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Toy Story 3 Movie Reviews

So you guys came here looking for toy story 3 movie reviews and i guess thats what i am going to try and do but it will be hard as i havent seen the movie yet and i dont plan on it because i normally dont watch cartoon kids movies by pixar or disney.. its obvious that this toy story 3 movie has came out in 3d and that you guys have probably hear that tom hanks and tim allen the two t's are going to once again be the voices for this 3 dimensional movie. and yes thats true. you know they killed the toy story 1 and toy story 2 versions of the toy story trilogy. because they were so good with tom hanks pixar disney character playing woody the wise crackin cowboy from toy story 3 and tim allen playing everybodies favorite space cadet buzz light year. how in the hell could anybody in their right minds rate this movie sub par. toy story 3 3d is destined for success. but i would definitley say you shouldnt take my word for it. i i were you and i was looking for some movie reviews for toy story 3 i would probably just go look some where else. haha

No seriously i would go look somewhere else if i was looking for some toy story 3 movie reviews like robert and ebert two thumbs up or something. well the reason i say that is because you have to think like it takes more than just one person to give movie reviews especially when its from a movie as good as toy story 3 3d. you should look on multiple sites and try to get an average of what eash user says. i mean once your done then you should come back to this sit and blog and read all the great things that i have to say about toy story 3. im not sure what other people think about the new toy story three movie coming out in three d but i think it is an excellent concept to say the least.

Toy story 3 3d should be an excellent movie and the one thing i want to do is continue to bring you the good knowledge about it. it could be years from now and you might want to look in the movie archives or look at some throwback movies and look for toy story 3 3d. well that will be cool because is here to save the day. remember you can only see toy story 3 in the movie theaters. so please make sure you get you toy story 3 movie tickets now and go see it while it is still a new a list movie. new cartoon movies, and new 3d cartoon movies from disney and pixar movies usually do pretty good thats why i say you need to always tske your kids to go see the good cartoon movies in 3d or the imax movies. a matter of fact dont you guys think imax should go out of business with the inclusion of 3 dimensional movies now playing in a theater near you. Toy story 3 should be the biggest film of the year but i wouldn't know i havent even seen it yet.

So like i said i havent even seen the movie toy story 3 3d but i do think that it might be good i dont know i couldnt tell you. if you find out just let me know because im sure toy story will always show up and be a good movie. Toy story 3 is a great movie.

Toy Story 3 Tickets For Sale At Movie Theater for cheap

Even though I have never saw toy story 3 and i dont care to look at toy story 3d the pixar cast and charcaters havent even started recording their voices over the mr potatoto head and buzz lightyear toy story 3d movie stars. Everybody knows tom hanks and tim allen will be the movie stars of the years with toy stoyr 3 in 3d, because this new 3 dimensional movie stuff is getting real big, so for some movie stars like that to hit the theaters with an action packed kids movie is great.

Not only that but toy story 3 will be made by Pixar for sure. Disney has already told picar that they can make it and that disney does not even care about 3d movies because they dont want to compete with lucas arts or lucas films in the new star wars 3d film. but really i dont even take the time to look for things like this i just want to see the new toy story three movie. I really want to know how can i find cheap movies tickets online. because im sure iof somebody was selling free or cheap movie tickets online then i would buy them just to go see toy story 3 in 3d. Toy story 3 3d in three diomensional is like trying to buy an imax movie from for toy story 2.

who really cares whether the toy story 3 movie reviews will be good because in toy story 3d we have good reviews and bad reviews and negative reviews and reviews of pixar saying that they wish disney wouldve helped them amke this movie. but guess what if you want to go see this movie then you need to read some movie reviews first for toy story trilogy 3d. You will not see any disney characters in this toy story trilogu mainly because disney did not make toy story 3 3d, pixar did. because pixar is known for making good high quality 3d movies. so if you ask me who has the best review i would say any movie that pixar is making. Toy story 3 3d is great but who really cares about buzz lightyear that much. nobody.

So if you were going online to look at toy story 3 movies would you just try to locate free movie tickets or cheap movie tickets like the cheap movie tickets for toy story 3 that were being illegally sold. Toy story 3 is a good movie but the google review for toy story 3 is bad. Keep the toy story 3 dvd on the shelves. but right now we are not trying to buy the toy story DVD movie we are trying to figure out how to find good cheap free toy story 3 3d movie tickets online.

Hold the phone because i dont even have an idea about how long the movie is you can guess that the nearest regal cinema near you will definitely be playing toy story 3. like im wondering how many times will hollywood prodi\uce another 3d movie like toy story 3 3d. in los angeles. they have to be extremely excited about the new toy story 3 in three d because 3 dimensional movies are the new fad. and los angeles and the toy story movie have alot in common. they are known for making good rendetiotins using the theatrical name andy. remember the childs play movie with andy, and then you have the original toy story that uses andy as the main character so you have to believe that this 3d movie will be awesome if nothing else my movie review for the new toy story 3 3d will be three thumbs up. get it thats my new toy story 3 joke.