Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pixar and Disney start Secret Toy Story 3 group Circle 7

I know you guys have heard about that special group that disney made for toy story 3 3d when they cut pixar from the filming of the new toy story 3d movie. i havent heard much really i dont know anything for sure this is just what i heard about the toy story movie so you might want to go double check some where else now. but i did hear that disney started a special secret agent and writers group called CIRCLE 7. Now that should be cool im talking about you have special good ass writers just to write the new toy story 3 film in 3d without pixar. now thats bad ass.

those disney fools must be really thirsty to get a number one hit blockbuster with toy story 3 in 3d. i mean come on you already have all the original cast memebers from the original toy story return. but then you have like toy story 3 and toy story 2 and toy story the original untold story being written by circle 7 the michael eisner secret writers group for toy story 3. i wonder did michael eisner feel stupid when he left disney or did he feel good like he knew he did something good overseeing the making of toy story 2. i dont think circle 7 will be revealed when it comes time to show the making of toy story 3. like the 3d behind the scenes for the toy story 3 dimensional film.

All i know is that im salty that michael eisner and disney couldnt have come out with circle 7 alot early because that wouldve made alof o other disney characters look so good like the movie cars which couldve been better but it was kind of corney because who just makes a pixar movie called cars and then slap disneys name on the bottom of it thats stupid. i think that circle 7 from disney should be revealed. like i want to see some deleated scenes on the new toy story 3 that shows who is circle 7 from disney. oops i meant to say some deleted scences from toy story 3 but its ok. either way is good. but as long as we all know there is a circle 7 working for disney and im sure pixar does not like this.

you have so many toy story 3 movies and so many disney and pixar movies that do excellent that pixar said that when they are bought out by disney they will no doubt try to get circle 7 out and throw away their script so that they can get back on the toy story 3 3d script and start writing. toy story 3 3d circle 7 from disney will really have to work hard to keep pixar out.